There are times when you may need to remove a subscriber from a workflow in Drip. One common scenario for this is being unable to remove a delay in a workflow because there are subscribers currently waiting for that delay. This guide will show you how to remove a subscriber from a workflow using 3 different methods.

Option 1: Removing a subscriber manually from the subscriber details

If you only need to remove one or two subscribers from the workflow and you already know who they are:

  1. Locate the subscriber record in the subscriber tab
  2. Click on the subscriber and then the subscriptions tab
  3. Choose the workflows button to see a list of workflows that the subscriber is currently in
  4. Click on the remove button next to the workflow

Option 2: Removing many subscribers manually with a bulk operation

If there are many subscribers to be removed and/or you need to choose subscribers to remove by a more complex filter:

  1. Click on the bulk operations tab in the subscribers section
  2. Configure the necessary filters to select the group of subscribers you want to remove
  3. For the action, choose "Remove from a workflow"
  4. Select the workflow to remove the subscribers from
  5. Schedule the bulk operation for immediately or sometime in the future

Option 3: Adding a permanent, triggerable exit to the workflow

If you are looking for more permanent way to remove subscribers from a workflow, including removing them through automation:

  1. At the end of the workflow add another exit workflow action just before the existing one
  2. Add a goal above the last exit workflow action
  3. Configure the goal to be the application of a tag (choose or create a tag to use)
  4. Optionally add another action after the goal to remove the tag used to trigger the goal*

* This allows you to remove the subscriber from the workflow again in the future if they were to be readded. Another option is to use a custom event instead of a tag.

You can also create an automation hook by triggering a rule to remove the subscriber from a specific workflow. I would recommend making the modification to the workflow however as it is more self documenting. If somebody less familiar with automation wants to remove someone from the workflow, they can see how to trigger that by examining the workflow itself. If there is a rule configured, they would have to discover it by looking through the rules.